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What if you could remove all restrictions to generate 10x more Profit, get INSTANT access to unlimited app creation, DFY App Templates, an even more secured server, and a lot more features.

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This simple Unlimited version upgrade currently helps thousands of struggling online marketers to easily harness the power of our cloud-based software beyond any imagination.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

If you don’t feel more confident in scaling the way you make money with Clickbank products, and still feel insecure as a result of using AppsCreator, we’ll refund you, give you double the money back, and let you keep AppsCreator as a thank you for trying us out.

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93/100 Spots Are Taken...

YES! Upgrade My Account To Unlimited

Remove All The Limits From My Account

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93/100 Spots Are Taken...

YES! Upgrade My Account To Unlimited

Remove All The Limits From My Account

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93/100 Spots Are Taken...

90% Of MergeHost Customers are Upgraded to the MergeHost UNLIMITED version! Here is the reason why? 


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Remove MergeHost Branding

Add your own brandings in your Dash. Earn 2X with your own Branding and Business Agency.


Unlimited Website Creation & Unlimited file storage

In Unlimited version you can able to create unlimited sites & upload unlimited files without any restriction at all. Everyone knows running a website creation business is very lucrative. With this Unlimited version, you can Scale from 1 sites to 100 easily.

Once, you know the MergeHost system working process then you can rinse and repeat for more profits.

Who Is The “Unlimited” Upgrade For?

For People Who Want

  • Unlimited App Creation
  • Unlimited Notification scheduling
  • Commercial License  
  • More features from the software
  • A huge increase in your Profit
  • A more consistent income
  • More Secured server with sophisticated website data protection.

Venkatesh K.

YES! Upgrade My Account To Unlimited

Remove All The Limits From My Account

Hurry! Offer Expires In...

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93/100 Spots Are Taken...

YES! Upgrade My Account To Unlimited

Remove All The Limits From My Account

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93/100 Spots Are Taken...

Be Aware: 

As mentioned before, we can only let the first 100 people get it, because they need it the most. They are the ones who are really about making above 5-figures/month

If you want to get a chance to add the “UNLIMITED” Upgrade to your software, hurry up. This opportunity will be here for only a limited amount of time.  

YES! Upgrade My Account To Unlimited

Remove All The Limits From My Account

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Unlimited Video Upload

Now, you can upload all the video files using our 1 click upload feature. Now host unlimited videos on the server.

DFY Articles

You will get handpicked high converting articles and files that are proven to perform & give you the best results. 



Customizable Client Closing Messages

These are customizable handpicked high converting Client closing message which are high converting & give you the best results for your business. 


Automated content posting

You can schedule unlimited contents files in the app and there is not restriction at all.


High Quality Files upload

High Quality and faster storage for all files from the MergeHost Unlimited version.

Social Sharing Feature

Now you can share any files directly from dashboard to any of your social media accounts in 1 click.



Advanced Scheduling Option

It comes with advanced behaviourable best scheduling option…So, create and automating the whole process is very much easier in Unlimited version.


Commercial License

Another way you can make more profit is by hosting website for your clients and you can charge them...With this Commercial license, you have full rights to sell services.

That means a high potential to make more profit with a MergeHost commercial license. Now businesses are willing to pay thousands of dollars for these services that you are getting with MergeHost.


Multiple Formats

Now you can able to upload any format of audio files and convert that into dashboard easily…S0, ant format of file works with Unlimited version.

Data Protection

We are offering extra Protection to all your data to avoid hacking or any malware attacks on your account. This premium protection secures all your sensitive Data and is impossible to breach any files. So, upgrade to the Unlimited version and get more security for your files.


Faster Speed and Performance

Now get smooth performance and faster Speed by upgrading to the Unlimited version on all your Apps. 

Experience 10x faster speed with the MergeHost version!


Premium Customer Support

Faster and responsive world-class support in minutes if not seconds. 

Higher priority support and faster response from the technical support team.


Free Software Updates for Control Panel

Lifetime software updates and new features with the updates without any extra cost. 


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Visves K.

Here're Some of 

The Premium Bonuses

Congratulations! Your order is almost complete. But not without this!!

Instant Content Creator

Discover How You Can Effortlessly Kick-Out Killer Articles That Make You Rich In Less Than 20 Minutes With Proven Step-By-Step Software To Show You How!

Article Analyzer

Get More Targeted Search Engine Traffic With Articles Optimized To Give You Prized Rankings That Pour In Sales!

The Power of Positive Thinking

Change Your Mindset and Your Life With Positive Thinking to Get Your Life More Wealthy From Now!

Outsourcing Software Development

The Small Business Owners Guide To Outsourcing Software Development Successfully!

Podcasting Articles

If you are a blogger, online business owner, or niche marketer, tapping into other niche markets would be a good idea to make more money online.

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